About the Artist

Gabe Morton-Cook was born in 1982 in Silver City, New Mexico and began painting as a child. He studied Art and Philosophy at the University of Wisconsin, before dropping out to pursue a career in digital design. A move to upstate New York in 2018 came with an opportunity to refocus a portion of his creative energies into his early passion for painting.

What happens inside our mind when a yellow spot becomes the sun? Physically, just a smudge of pigment on a surface, it is experienced emotionally as the life-giving energy at the center of our solar system. Through the process of painting, the substance is imbued with warmth and light and billions of years of history. I am interested in art as a bridge between the realm of the physical and that of emotional experience.

I find inspiration in both the organic, dynamic fractal patterns of the natural world and the orderly, mathematical precision of human-made engineering and architecture. I work in acrylic paint on canvas to create bold and expressive abstract and semi-representational works.